Celia Sage—Website

Celia's studio is in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada where she enjoys a loyal following of collectors. Her shows attract visitors from all over and her paintings are in galleries in the County, and now Toronto. It was time to expand and use the web to showcase her amazing portfolio.

Opportunity ›

Celia asked us to create a website that would present her paintings with the same professional elegance as the galleries showcasing her work.

Challenge ›

Create a gallery feeling and let the paintings steal the show.

Solution ›

We created a fine art exhibition which allows visitors to view all the pieces while sitting on the same bench. Celia’s gallery even allows coffee!

Nuts and bolts ›

Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash, and Javascript.


Content is king

What a pleasure it is to work with great content, in this case, the beautiful paintings of Celia Sage.



Have a seat

Navigating Celias site is so simple you can do it sitting down. The site presents all the images and information directly from the home page.


Client comment

As a visual artist, I wanted my first website to make a strong, creative statement about me and my work, as well as appeal to my target market. Working with Steve at IDI was like getting my taxes done: take files full of receipts to the accountant and say, “here—work your magic, make sense of this”—then get a refund cheque in the end. The files were digital in this case, but magic still happened: IDI took the text and photos together I threw at them and put it all together in a distinctive, high quality website where I could showcase my work. The result was even better than a tax refund—within three months I was contacted by a well-known Toronto gallery with an offer of representation. I couldn't be happier.