The Gospel of Your Salvation—Branding and Graphical User Interface

The Bible-student members of this church spent years developing an extremely thorough, personal Bible-study plan. Their intent was to make the project available through digital media and they knew they would need help creating an effective user interface.

Opportunity ›

Use whatever talents we might have to help someone learn Bible truths.

Challenge ›

Create an online and CD-based resource that engages its audience and allows any visitor to create/ follow their own learning path.

Solution ›

We created friendly custom illustrations, and designed a beautiful, simple, highly intuitive navigation system. A key feature is actually something that is missing—a pre-defined learning path. The study is unique, based on input from each individual user.

Nuts and bolts ›

Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash Dreamweaver. Site hosting and registration service.


Self paced and directed learning

Studying the Bible can be intimidating on your own, and can be even more so in a teacher-student environment. This course is designed to give the Bible student a sense of control over their own discoveries by allowing their input to influence the flow of material. Help is always available through a prominent contact link on each page.



Without question we received help from above creating this interface. I can't otherwise explain how we were able to get Flash to do exactly what we envisioned. And in all humility I feel this is one of the most beautiful sites out there.


Applications outside the box

Spreading the Word with business cards, the course is published online and on CD.