United Agencies Inc.—Corporate Marketing and Presentation Materials

We worked with UA on a new brand identity, reflected in a new website, and followed that with a complete redesign of all their marketing materials. This is a top-notch organization with top-of-class sales and marketing aids.

Opportunity ›

Start with just an existing logo and create an entirely new identity and direction. These are the types of projects designers really look forward to.

Challenge ›

Pushing the envelope of creativity and design in an industry that is generally very conservative. Balancing the corporate and professional image with the fact that they care for each and every customer they have.

Solution ›

We used gloss and dull varnishes in each piece to strengthen the logo and create depth across the washes of color.

Nuts and bolts ›

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.


General brochure

The folded size is fairly standard. What makes this piece unique is that it opens wide. The prospect gets a sense of United Agencies’ wide array of products and services.



Presentation folder

Simple and clean, it begs to be opened.


Presentation folder

Inside we see the custom die at work, concealing and revealing just enough of the product sheets to create interest.


Policy binder

Everything the prospect/client receives from United Agencies has the same look and feel, underscoring the fact that they can expect consistent service with no surprises.


Keep selling

We used every opportunity to deliver positive sales messages. Even on items delivered after the deal is closed. Great for referrals and just reminding the client that UA is always interested in their business.