what we do

We’re in the wow business.

We deliver visual impact quickly, accurately, and beautifully.

Since 1989 Innov8iv Design Incorporated has blah, blah, blah . . .
the truth is, we pride ourselves on being about you—your image, your product, your message, your campaign, your event are what matter—we are just key members of your team, here to delight your design sensibilities and move your customer to take action.


We’re in the relationships business.

We enjoy the meaningful connections we’ve developed with our clients over the years. Strong relationships require work, depend on integrity, and operate under the Golden Rule—treat others as you would have them treat you.

We believe in the power of good design. We believe a meaningful message with dynamic delivery will create and/or strengthen the key relationships in your business.


We’re in the communication business.

We listen, we observe, we research, we brainstorm for ideas and insights, and we share our vision. We get involved—we work with our clients, not for them. As marketing partners we help strengthen your brand, extend your reach, expand your marketshare, and exceed your expectations.

Our success is measured by how well we've communicated your message. Our goal is excellence.


We’re in the creativity business.

We’re inspired most by things designed and created by God. His presentation of colors and patterns, sound and movement, shapes and textures outside our office walls is truly awesome and defines beauty. We’re inspired by music and art and our personal lives are filled with both . . . Aaron plays guitar beautifully, April sings and plays piano, and Steve—well—he gave most of his musical talent to his sons.