VibrAlign—Website redesign

VibrAlign needed a new site to reflect the leading-edge technology they incorporate into their products. We needed to help them make a good first impression on their prospects.

Opportunity ›

VibrAlign had a typical problem. A great company with a great product but a website that is dated and difficult for visitors to use. They asked IDI to redesign, reorganize, and build a new online store to sell their cutting edge products.

Challenge ›

The site is large and the amount of information available is immense. We spent a good amount of time discussing and planning out the sitemap and navigation to ensure the user and information didn’t get lost.

Solution ›

Instead of the standard cookie trail across the top of the site, we created a stacked navigation that allows the user to decide where they want to go, while clearly communicating where they are and where they’ve been.

Nuts and bolts ›

Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and Javascript.


Web site redesign

Classic communication-design colors are used to provide contrast and varying shades help communicate the visitor’s navigation path and options.



Touch Tips videos

We had great fun creating the user interface for the on-demand videos.