—Website and 'e' Greeting Cards

It is always an honor to serve in a way that can bring glory to God. We were delighted to help this southern California church develop a website intended as an online community resource. And we were challenged to develop a means of facilitating email greeting cards. Try them out!

Opportunity ›

Develop a website intended as an online community resource.

Challenge ›

Develop a viral element (no, not a virus) within the site to draw visitors back on a regular basis.

Solution ›

We put Flash to good use on this site. Most obviously in the playful, engaging navigation, and then we used it to develop a system of creating and delivering custom e-greeting cards.

Nuts and bolts ›

Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, XML and Javascript.


Website design

Beautiful images of things to see and do in the Simi area, with scripture superimposed, comprise a cross-fading slideshow.


Logo design

A big part of this project was coming up with the right look for the logo. We knew it would be used in a variety of ways so we used a bumper sticker as the method for presenting the design options.




Electronic greeting cards are a simple and thoughtful way of keeping in touch or reaching out to someone. You can use them for any occasion and say whatever you like with them. Seriously, go ahead.



Ooh, ahh

We thought the idea of using beautiful nature images and no pre-written greeting or caption would suit the majority of visitors. (We also took the pictures.)