Commissioned Poster—Motocross Theme

You can practically hear the engines screaming and smell the Bel-Ray burning when you see this poster, full-size on the wall. All the excitement of the sport is captured in this piece that was as much fun to prepare as it was to deliver.

Opportunity ›

We had a blank canvas to create a large poster for beginner motocross riders.

Challenge ›

With nothing to work with but a list of 15 rules, could we come up with a poster that would capture the energy of the sport and interest beginning motocross riders to hang it up on the wall, read it, and understand it?

Solution ›

We searched out great photos, fonts, and textures which were brought together over many layers and through many transparency effects.

Nuts and bolts ›

Photoshop, Illustrator.


Lead, follow, or get out of the way

We used dynamic shapes and 3-D text to provide movement. We used images of mud and chipped paint to provide the gritty and raw textures.


Race fans . . .

Yes, you can get your own copy of the poster if you happen to be a Moto-X fan. Just send an email for pricing details.