The Aluminum Association—Aluminum Now Magazine

One of the greatest projects we've had the pleasure to work on. We created the logo and brand identity for Aluminum Now and designed a fresh new cover, table of contents, and custom charts and graphics for each issue.

Opportunity ›

Work with great photos to create compelling, dynamic, exciting magazine covers for a national association.

Challenge ›

Finding the best arrangement of images and message to deliver the biggest impact on Aluminum Now readership.

Solution ›

Lots of Photoshop work is the key. Lots of layers, clipping, masking, painting, layer effects, and adjusting levels.

Nuts and bolts ›

Photoshop, Illustrator.


The cover story

Images for each market sector—products and packaging, transportation, and construction—provided by Aluminum Now, grace the cover and table of contents of every issue. Like a puzzle, we figure out how to put the pieces together.


What goes where?

With this puzzle, there isn't just one correct answer. It's more . . . which resulting layout is the most helpful and visually appealing answer for the reader.


Award-winning design

The redesign of Aluminum Now magazine garnered us a 2006 Apex Award of Excellence—Magazine & Journal Design & Layout.


Buckle up

We tried to convey movement with each magazine cover layout, whether it's a building moving off the page or hot new Jag sliding across your desk.


Facts and figures

Each issue includes a collection of data presented in a format that has become very familiar to readers over the years.