TestFreaks Logo Transformations, Mascot, Web Branding

As it turns out, the Swedes are a fun bunch! This was our first experience working with a client from the land of Volvo, Sony Ericsson, IKEA . . . and now, TestFreaks. We competed with four other international firms to create a design for the Web site and several online widgets.

Opportunity ›

Virtually cross an ocean to create a brand for an Internet-based business.

Challenges ›

1) Design the site for an online resource that could present more facts, figures, images, and reviews than you ever knew even existed.
2) Strengthen the logo and brand identity.
3) Provide design solutions such that the developers and programmers in Sweden could do their magic.

Solution ›

We designed countless variations of information sets and an overall design theme that are now used on several international sites.

Nuts and bolts ›

Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, and Skype.



We tweaked the existing logo to give the test freak some personality.


Lab mice

A stroke of genius? Maybe. We just thought the metaphor was almost too perfect!


Flash banner

The site is constantly changing and we never know exactly what the home page will include. We love it when the Flash animation of the lab mice is featured.


Product pages

This site is amazing. For our part, we're excited that the developers were able to incorporate our design. But in this case, content truly is king. Visit the site and do a quick product search . . . you'll see what we mean.

Fun facts

We connected through LinkedIn, have never met in person, nor needed a single phone call. Payment (Euros to U.S. dollars) is made by wire transfer.

The time and language differences seemed at first to be potential challenges, but in the end, proved to be of no consequence. We were able to communicate very effectively using Skype (also invented by a Swede) for audio/video conferencing and text conversations.