Cytec Industries Inc.—Product Logo and Brand Identity for MaxHT™

Cytec has been redefining the boundaries of mineral processing for nearly 100 years. When they created a revolutionary approach to prevent the costly problem of scale accumulation in heat exchangers, they came to us to help them create the brand identity.

Opportunity ›

Help Cytec Industries create a unique mark and graphic identity that could be used on everything from product packaging to a folder to a helmet.

Challenge ›

The product logo needed to visually represent the way MaxHT helps keep scale accumulation in heat exchanger's pipes to a minimum.

Solution ›

Clean, smooth, curvaceous lines, and red-hot custom typography.

Nuts and bolts ›

Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.




Applications outside the box

When creating the mark, we needed to consider that it would be used on almost any surface. We kept the logo as simple and bold as we could so that it's visual impact could be similar when applied to small flashlights or large banners and displays.


Applications outside the box

We prompted Cytec with ideas beyond product packaging.


Program for Graphic Identity

Before handing off the final artwork, we made sure to include brand guidelines to help Cytec retain the special care and thought we put into this identity together.